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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday of Scrappy Sewing

RSC15  January's Blocks

I had gotten a late start working on these blocks. Part of the reason was I was away for part of the month but the main reason is I couldn't decide which pattern(s) I wanted to do. 
Yeah I know, I have a list of UFO's a mile long and what am I thinking about by even starting another quilt,
 let alone 5.
Yes I said 5. Call me crazy but I can reason it out in my mind with the fact I have tubs of scraps that are needing to be used.
And even after making all these blocks I believe the tub has gotten bigger.

Before I started
    See what I mean.

     I believe I have 
          created a 

So here are my blocks

The pattern is Red Letter Day by Camille Roskelley for 
Thimble Blossom

This is a free pattern here on 

This one I am using Creative Grids Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool.
I am going to make color balls. Putting 4 blocks together. Just hadn't finished the other 3 as I write this. I'll get to it tomorrow.

This one I had seen at a guild meeting years ago.
When I have a few more made I'll show what it will look like, a very simple blocks.

A simple nine patch using this method here. 
Making them my enders.

So there it is, a glimpse of my insanity.
I just wish I could show a dent in my scrap piles. 

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  1. Wonderful blocks and great use of blues.

    1. That you very much. Believe or not I still have one or two I would still like to do this year.

  2. I can so relate! Live your projects!

    1. Oh a soul sister. Too bad your not closer we could have a little maddest together.

  3. I have so many scraps and I just keep adding to them - I think I need to set aside one day of the week that is devoted to making blocks from the scraps

    1. That is a good plan if you ask me. It's funny that I didn't realize how much scraps I had. I'll keep a look out for what you do.

  4. I need to do some geneology research....but I think we may be related :)...I can see why you got sucked in...the blocks are lovely!

    1. thank you. It's a small world we could be related. Lol

  5. You're like me! Too many going on now to start another one but I have 3 totes like that! You don't have more....you just fluffed them up some!

    1. Your right I just need to push them back down, put that little beast back in the tub. But not after doing this months pink. Thank you for the encouragement

  6. Love your blue blocks. Like you, I need to work up some UFOs, too : )

  7. Beautiful blocks. Are we not all a little insane. My scrap pile does the same, it gets bigger when I work with it. Whenever you figure that out, please let me know, because I do not have a glue why that happens.

  8. Fun projects. Maybe they will help make a bit of a dent in your scrap bins, or at least you can say you made a start.


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