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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Upcoming events this week

There are 2 events coming up that I wanted to share with you.
First one is the Pantry Challenge over at Good Cheap Eats.
Jessica challenges us to eat from what we have in our pantry instead of going out and buy. I have been doing her challenges for the past couple years and I love the challenge.

Pantry Challenge

You need to go to the link above to her site and get tips on taking inventory, menus and recipes.
It's a month long deal and the rewards are using up food that needs to be and not being toss out cause its too old and other good thing is seeing how much money you can save.
I need to do my inventory still, that is on tomorrow "to do list"

The second event is the Oklahoma Wildlife Winter Bird Survey.
So if you live in Oklahoma maybe you might consider joining in. Doesn't matter where you live, whether you're in town or out in the country.
It starts Thursday the 8th.
I am loaded up with bird feed and have been putting it out for a time now to encourage as many of the wild birds in the area to know the "kitchen is open" 
I have been doing this for 14 years and have missed only 4 times. 

I wrote about this last year and was so disappointed that I had missed the last 2 years. My timing was off last year and if you want to read about that plus additional information I have about a couple sites that tell of other bird survey here in the United States, click here 


  1. 2 great events, good luck with them both.

  2. Have fun with both events. I'll have to pass the bird survey info along to my Guy. He photographs the birds that show up in our yard. We don't have a feeder, but the birds certainly like the rose hips on the rose bushes.


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