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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What's Up, Finish #2

Yeah, I have now 2 finished tops.

This was one of my  RSC14, 1/4 Log Cabin 

I was so in a hurry to get into my sewing room and sew after getting back from California, I quickly lay out  the blocks and sew it together.
I'm really sure if the layout is the best one I could of done. There's something about I not completely happy with after I have it completed.

But I will leave it as it is. 

The pattern is just one I have seen on Pinterest, in magazines and such. I do not know of it being copyrighted as pattern so I have not one to credit. 
The blocks finish 12" and there are 24 of them.

Now that I have this RSC done I'm ready to start this years RSC's.
In addition of making this years I decided that I am going to try to get my scraps organized.

I have tubs and I mean tubs of scraps that I have saved for decades.
Some of my scraps I have divided by colors, then I have tubs that still need to be separated and cut into usable pieces.

Here is a little tidbit for you and a big surprise.
Maybe you know this but for those who don't. 
One pound of fabric is approximately (give or take) three yards of fabric.
This tub in the picture has 15 lbs of scraps, which figure out to be around 45 yards. Say at $8.00 a yard, that about $360.00
That is quite a bit of both fabric and money that could of been thrown away.
And I have at least 3 more like this one.


  1. Wow, when you work out scraps they are so much more valuable than you think. I have a big tub that I am wanting to use up. I love the quilt top the colours are a real delight.

  2. OMG - I have 2 of this boxes of scraps and I just weighed in to see if I had about the same as you and they are both about 15 pounds - I knew I had a lot in these boxes but I didn't realize it was that much - I have another that has about half the amount and 10 shoe box sizes on the shelves some of them are packed full and some just partial - I guess I better get busy on more scrap quilts

  3. Wow!! I've got a continuously growing collection of scraps tubs, too. One day I'm going to have a serious blast working with them! Way to go, getting the top all together! This looks like something that the quilting finish work can magically bring you back into love with it. :) I like it, already, though!

  4. Love your 2014 Rainbow Scrap project.

    That is a lot of scraps. I don't have that many, but I do a bit of cutting each month and though I'm not done by a long shot, it does seem I'm making progress on getting most of them into usable strips.


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