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Saturday, February 28, 2015

February's Finishes

This is my February's Lovely Finish,
Nested Churn Dash.
I am so pleased with how it turned out.

I wanted to thank those how left comments with their suggestion on how they would finish it. I am going to take their suggestion along with my friend Mary and combine them.
I will go with grey to frame it in but I'll use it in the binding. 
A change from my scrappy binding like I was planning. And will have that darkness of grey but not as thick as the sashing. 
Thank you everyone.

So now for a few other finishes.
This is an addition to the blocks I started for RSC15

I had these blocks left over from making Breast Cancer quilts many years ago (8 yrs). 
Now I have another donation quilt.
This one is crib size and will make a cute little girls quilt.

Then I found these block while looking for something. These date back again to 2008 & 2009. At one guild I was member of would have what you call a pizza box exchange. If you wanted to, you would gather up about 4 yards of fabric that you want your blocks to be made of. The box would be rotated each month to a different member to make a block of your desire. You would give instructions on what size, maybe a pattern, of suggestion or not. Whatever you choose. My suggestion was a 12" finished block, to use only the fabric I provided and to have the background fabric in the block.
I found this setting on Gen X Quilters.
Love it.


I finished my Pea Ridge Lily Quilt
Not a very good picture, this was taken before I had sewn it together. I thought I had but plan to take a one and will show it later.


I decided to go along with setting it like the original one was. 
A lot of the quilts of the 1800's would be set so you would see the design from both sides of the bed. This one I will hand quilt also.

February was a good month for sewing.

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  1. What a busy month! So many great finishes, but the baskets are best of all!

  2. Great finishes! I have a soft spot for basket quilts, so that one especially caught my attention!

  3. You had SUCH a busy month! Your Nested Churn Dash quilt top is AWESOME!! Hope you finish it for the RSC March/YELLOW month. The basket quilt is so pretty. Some little girl will feel lucky to have it for her own!

  4. You've had a very busy month and so much accomplished. Great job!

  5. LOVE the nested turn dash! Gorgeous!

  6. Dear Kat,
    indeed, looking at all your pictures, February was a very good month for sewing. Lovely finishes, I like them all. Such great work.

  7. I love your quilts! You have been busy!


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