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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Rainbow Challenge on Steroids

I've done it again, let time slip away. I have been meaning to write this for the past week and I'm finally now getting to it. I do have a good excuse, I been very lucky to have all this week for sewing and prepping applique blocks. 
But what I wanted to share was my blocks that I made for this months RSC15. Not just mine thou, I also wanted to show the blocks that the ladies in the 30's club we have at a local quilts shop, Sager Creek Quilts. 
How this came about was last month at our meeting I mention how I have been particapating in RSC
for the past couple of years and how it is a fun way of using up my scraps. I ask if anyone wanted to join me this year. To my surprise they all say they wanted to, there is 12 of us.
And being that our group is focused on the 1930's, the majority  have done their blocks in 30's reproduction fabric. Also since we started last month, this month was the first time we we able to show our block so we have blue and some pink blocks too. This is going to be fun.

she realized she made a mistake after all was sewn and had brought it anyway, good sport.

Now I did one block in 30's fabrics and the rest just out of my scrap box.

If you are interested in the pattern for my block I wrote about them here

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  1. Some wonderful blocks there. Great choice of colors.

  2. So many pretty blocks. Sounds like you have some great company on your scrap using.

  3. How fun to have your sewing buddies join in with you. Lots of fun and pretty blocks!

  4. Love how the 30s fabrics are mixed in for so many this year . . . lovely blocks!!!

  5. Love love love the fact that your have your group playing along as well. What a grand way to show and share each week, and thank you for sharing them all with us. Special thanks to your "good sport", she gets an atta-girl from me.

  6. What a fun way to share with your group. Lots of neat blocks that will make beautiful quilts at the end of the year.


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