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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Binding Finish

Yeah, I finished the binding just in the nick of time. I wanted to be able to have anoher one on my list to be completed and checked off.

I was able to make this completely from scraps I had, what a great feeling to know that I use up somthing that could of been tossed.

I used the Creative Grid Curvy Log Cabin ruler, I know that it can be done without it but I had it and like how easy and prefect the blocks work up. 

The quilt is 90 x 75
Hobbs 80/20 cotton batt and was professional machine quilted on a longarm Gammill using the Methodist Fan Pattern
Beside Bob my cat,
Elmo and Grover had to inspect my work.

Im linking up on the 1st to
Binding Blitz


  1. i know it feel like free fabric but mine keeps multiplying

  2. fantastic....and it so does feel good to use up scraps...

  3. Very pretty and cosy quilt. Looks to beautiful.
    Congratulations on the finish.


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