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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dallas Show

I had promise to show the pictures I took at the Dallas Quilt show last month. So Mama over at mamas mercantile here are a few of what you were looking forward to.
This is part of the special exhibit they had.
First is Dan the Woodman;
Second is a local quilter, Richard Larson. 
Beside his own display of his work there were a few quilts in the show that was quilted by him.
Did my best on pictures but as you know, pictures most of the time do not do justice to the quilts. Always more stunning in person

Hope you liked.
I have plenty more I need to go through.
So just hang in there a little longer Mama.


  1. I certainly did like, what a wonderful show I really am impressed and looking forward to the next instalment. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Count me among those that will be patiently waiting for more photos from this show. I belonged to the Dallas guild when I lived there and am familiar with Richard Larson's work–it's so nice to see him featured at the show.


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