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Monday, April 27, 2015

What's Up 4- 27

Today I decided that I would make the pillowcases for the "Little Dudes". They are really into Thomas the Train, Dusty from Planes and Lightening McQueen from Cars. Found some really cute fabric to make them out of. I believe they'll go nuts over them, plus I made a set of dinosaur one too.
I used the sausage roll method you can find here the pattern .

Very easy and all the seams are finished when you done, no raw seams.

Now up on my wall is another UFO that I have on the list I made at the begining of the year but I'm affaid it might be up there for awhile. Seeing how I'm going to my daughters house for a couple weeks next month and I'm trying to get my garden and other things  done before I leave, so sewing right now is low on my priorities.

It was one of those Buck a Blocks that a quilt shop was offering. You purchased the package for the block for a dollor but when it came to the finishing up the quilt they offered a kit for $$$.
This was a deal that would use Thangles. 

Now they are a cool way but I hate tearing paper off, thats why I do not do much paper piecing.

So I figure out from the paper the measurement to mark on the strips that came in the month package.
Easy enough and no paper to tear off.

I have only four blocks left to do, so will see.

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  1. Love the fabrics for the pillows and such a good idea for the grandchildren, I am going to see what suitable fabrics I have.

    1. Pillowcases are one of those things that is so easy and doesn't take much time or fabric. Everyone I have given some to seem to like them very much. A WIN, WIN if you ask me. Brt you have some fabric that will be perfect.


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