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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Today was a very busy and active day for me. I started out by doing the usual, which was to go out and let the chickens out of the hen house.

Well there was the buzzard sitting on top of the hen house.

Had my camera with me so I was able to snap a shot of him up there. It stretched its wings out but did not take off and fly. Never did see it leave.  

Then had to go to the quilt shop to pick up the next two sets of blocks for the Farmer's wife Sampler.  Went by the store get a couple things.

Then I went by the church and help decorate the Christmas tree which I have to say look very stunning this year.
Sometimes one color can look really pretty. We did the tree only in red ornament, bows  and Poinsettias this year.
Came home, fed the cows and straightened up a little bit because  didn't have a chance to get to that this morning before I left.
I was able to get a couple hours of sewing in which I proceeded to work on the mystery Christmas QAL.

 I was putting together HST, which I need 93 of them. 

 And come to find out my iron has a short in it so I need to get a new one now. It was slow going using my little handheld one that I take to workshops.

By then it's dinner time and some needlework in front of the TV.
A good day all and all.

Till next time 


  1. I am intrigued with the saga of the buzzard, I keep waiting to hear that he has done something awful. It is so unusual... The tree looks beautiful!

  2. That sounded like a lovely day! enjoy a lovely evening as well

  3. That is a busy day. The tree looks very festive. I guess that's next on my list.


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