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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Oh My, What Have I Done

Yesterday my plan was to finish cleaning and then try to get a little sewing in. Well it started out pretty good I straightened up, did a little cleaning, and then proceeded to straighten up my sewing room.
Hello how easily I can get distracted. Got the cutting table cleared off, was thinking about projects I wanted to finish before the end of the year, and started a list.
As you can tell I'm a list person. 
Then I was thinking what if there that I can get done off of my 2015 list. Looked at it, decided how I can add this and this and so went looking for these projects. 
If you're following along you're probably already ahead of the game and realized, oh I know where this is going.
That's right I started searching for one thing and found another.
 And another. 
And another.
Then there was a project I thought oh I haven't seen them in ages, and start wrestling through it, and realized where are the blocks I had already made for this project.
Well that took me on a wild goose chase of over an hour trying to locate these blocks. Never did find him. I don't know where in the heck I stash them. 
Finally I just threw my hands up and said the heck with it I'll find them later
But here is what I did find that I would like to try to do before the end of the year along with my RSC quilt and the circles I'm starting

1. my chicken scratch quilt blocks that I started before I moved to Oklahoma and that was 20 years ago. 
2. a split nine patch that I started as a leader and ender. 
3. Some fabric that I had put aside to make pillowcases to donate.

4. This pattern I have of a snow man that is a wall hanging that you might have seen in the past I believe I bought it like six years ago, tumbling skating snowman.

5. back in 2012 there was a QAL Mystery that I started and for some reason did not finish it but pretty much had all the pieces cut and one block sewn together. It's in Christmas fabric. 

6. A gold and brown assortment blocks. Did not know the name or remembered when I started these blocks but through further digging around for those other blocks I was looking for I came across my old notebook well sure enough I had started this around 2010 it's one of Donna Thomas's workshop that I attended
7. Also a kit call cat nap wall hanging that I would like to get done and give as a Christmas present.
Now I had a couple other things on my list as you can see but I do not believe I will have time after I added the others at the bottom. So if I get to Donna Thomas's neutral or the winter trees, I'll be doing really good.
As you can tell I have a wide time span of UFO's around here that I need to complete

I did get a little sewing in though I made two of the Quilty 365 blocks...,that's a start. And I had organized the Christmas quilt along and the snowman fabric that was in the bags and they're out and ready to start stitching
By the time I was done doing all of that it was time to go feed cattle and take care of some of my outdoor chores.
I saw that buzzard again out by the hen house, perched on one of the fence posts, sitting near the hen house not causing any trouble. Thank goodness. 
Came in and make dinner which was a hamburger soup recipe but I replace a hamburger with some fresh ground venison that "the man the place" had harvest this year. 
Very good too, specially since I do not care for venison very much. But I believe I will like this ground venison

Then spend the evening doing some more hand quilting on my 30 sampler.
All in all I can say it was a good day and I did get my toes wet with a little sewing.


  1. You have some great UFOs there... oh I have quite a collection too but I'm happy I have them. Occasionally I revisit them and one pops out and I finish it. I like knowing that the project is close to complete, makes it seem like it took less time to complete than it actually did. happy stitching!

  2. All great projects awaiting your ...ahem..."attention"! LOL I have many "forgotten" in my "closet of shame"...too. Hugs, Julierose

  3. So many projects on the go, you are to be admired I wouldn't be able to cope. Here's hoping you manage to get the ones you want finished by the end of the year. It really is peculiar about the buzzard.

  4. You have just got to make that snowman. He's adorable! Lots of beautiful wip's here, Kathleen. Hope you can stay on track and make some more progress! And thanks so much for joining us at the Let's Bee Social today!

  5. Sounds like you've got a plan for the rest of the year. Getting them all listed helps a lot.

  6. Dear Kat,
    good thing you could be in the house too. Love the sewing room picking up story. That happens to me too, and I am also a list person, very much of a list. Love to mark off the things I have finished.


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