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Sunday, November 27, 2016

WOW November Just Flew By

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Here it's been three weeks since the last time I wrote, seem shorter than that. I have been so busy with getting ready for the holidays. My daughters will be here this year starting next week.
I had intended to share so much over this time and will but right now I'll keep it short. 
With all the decorating, cleaning, baking, cooking and shopping, I have had little time sewing but need to get busy this week. I have plans to make a tree skirt to have the family put painted hand prints on and each year the boys can add theirs.
Also we are going to ride the Polar Express Train out of Stillwater Oklahoma and thought it would be so cute if the boys had PJ's like the little boy in the book

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I have the flannel and pattern, so need to just get to it. 
Update on the pants I cut out earlier this month..... I had made and I guess I hadn't gained as much as I thought I did for the size I cut out.  Very baggy but that's Okay.
I'll just wear them around the house.
Hope not to make that mistake with the boys.

One of the things on my list is to prepare the guess rooms and the boy's I-Spy quilts are finished now and had been on the beds but the cats have been sleeping on them and now they are full of fur.  

I'll wash them but I need to check the backs first seeing how not all was sewn down, did quilt as u go method. 
That is what I have been working on today stitching down the missed spots.

 Along with some weaving. 

This yarn was some more of the stuff given to me years ago and I really like how it is looking, looks like silk but its not. I hoping my middle daughter picks it. 
Working on scarfs for gifts.
Figure I'll make all different colors and patterns. 
And let them pick the one they want instead of me doing the picking. Sometimes my picks are not right.

Hard to believe December is almost here.

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  1. You've been busy with this and that. Love the scarf, very pretty weaving. Good luck with all your holiday preparations.

    1. I am so much enjoying weaving, love seeing how color, texture and pattern can change the look of what I'm weaving.

  2. I love how the "I Spy" quilts turned out. Such a lot of work!

    1. Thank you but seeing how most of it was done a little each month
      wasn't too bad. Would of if I decided to do all at once

  3. Wow, you have an ambitious schedule. Love the I Spy quilts.

    1. The holiday tend to make our schedules more busy. But I do so love this time of year.


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