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Monday, November 28, 2016

What's Up 11.28.16

Hey it's Monday, and what's Up.
It's a long list for today. 

I started on the tree skirt this morning, going with white with red trim. My intentions are to have the little boys put their handprints on it each year so I thought white would be the best background. Should have that done here shortly but I thought I'd write this first. 

Then later this afternoon my plan is to cut out their PJs and have them ready to sew tomorrow.
 I had ordered their robes instead of making them. Seeing how I got 50% off on the robes. I thought that was a great deal, I could not get the material for that price.

And then I'm going to finish at the tamales I started. So far I have made 4 dozens and I probably have at least another couple dozen to go. I just got tired of making them last night, seeing how I'm doing it by myself, kind of a tedious job. It's more fun when you can do it in a group.

Up on the design wall is still the Vintage Christmas quilt. I have the trees up as you can see and I've been cutting out the fabric for the trucks. I would like to get this put together before my daughters come next week but it's kind a low on my priority right now.


  1. Your Christmas sewing looks good and is coming along well!

  2. Thanks, it is slowly coming along. Once the kids are back home I know I'll be needing some me time sewing. Their visits will come and go so quickly, wish I could make time go by slowly like it did when I was a kid. Remember getting "bored"

  3. You've been busy. I've never made tamales, but I've heard they are a lot of work. Hope you get in some more stitching time this week.


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