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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Yarn and Reading

I've been needing to share what I've been making with my little cricket loom. I am so in love with weaving that I'm afraid I'm going to have to get a bigger one. But I believe I will wait till the new year and make it a birthday present for myself.
 So far I've just been weaving scarves. I have a large stash of yarn that have been given to me over the years and seeing how my carpal tunnel is not getting any better this weaving is perfect for using up my stash. And besides that they make great gifts or for donations. 

So here is what I have done so far minus one scarf that my youngest daughter has already claimed of her own and taken. 

After I'm done with this one on the loom which I'm afraid will not be long enough for a scarf because this is the last of the yarn I have.

Next is these yarns here I plan on loading up.
I have seen so many very beautiful scars using all types of novelty yarns and thread. So I'm going to give it a shot myself. I'm really looking forward to what creations will come of this.
After I make a few more scarves I do want to make also some wash clothes. I have knitted ones in the past and have a good supply of sugar and cream cotton yarn. And I need to use it up and what better way but to weave it up.

I'll have to show you one of those when I get it done also.

Now for what I'm reading/listening to. I am listening to Poldark. 

Ross Poldark Audiobook
If you have not seen the series that is being played on your local PBS channel I would suggest that you try to if you can
The first season was last year and seeing how it was shown on Masterpiece Classic, which I watch all the time, that's how I came about seeing it. 

And I have fallen in love with it. Not realizing that it was the serial written 1940's and 1950's that I decided that I just had to listen to the book too.
So far I'm on book one and enjoying it immensely. The show isn't just like the book but that's OK it's very close and the book add of course a lot more.

Like I said if you get a chance check it out. If you have Amazon Prime the episodes are free.
Right now its been on a few weeks and I'm
little late about sharing but I hope you do get an opportunity to see it or read the book.

One last thing yeah CUBS
. You broke the spell now you are 2016 World Series Champions.
That was one great game.
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  1. Love all your beautiful scarves, perfect gifts for this time of year.

  2. Lots of beautiful and colorful scarves. How do you keep up with the weaving and the quilting?


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