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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Making Progress

The list is getting smaller.

Yesterday the tree skirt was completed and looks just fine. Now you can see that the tree is not decorated much because the boys will help me finish it when they get here.

And here is the sideboard decorated with my Santa collection. It's been so much fun decorating this year. Been too long. 

Now I need to go get paint to make the handprints. Figure green and red will be the way to go.
I'll get some tomorrow when I go to Tulsa. Getting my hair cut and run a few errands.

Also was able to cut out 2 set of pajamas but don't know what I was thinking yesterday. I have my list made out for everyday already and today I had listed other jobs. Sewing will need to be later this week.

Today on the list was boxing up the last of the books that are in the spare bedroom that is the boys room. I had moved all my quilting books in there when the carpet was replaced. Now the boys room is back to the way it was and ready for the "little dudes".

Then I hung family pictures up in the hallway. I have been wanting to hang up the large metal tree (46" wide x 48"height) which we purchased years ago. Originally I want to hang it in the livingroom on the brick wall which is behind the wood stove. But "the Man of The Place" was nervous about me hanging it there. Afraid it could fall and damage the stove pipe. Needless to say he wouldn't help me so it never happened. Now today I hung it in the hallway. I am placing picture on and around the tree of the family, past and present.

This is a start. I have so many pictures packed away that I will have to go through someday. Figure since the photo are attached with small magnet strips I can change them easily. 
Beside adding new ones.

Then an oh so fun task of washing windows. The weather was perfect for such a fun job...
After today we are suppose to get had a good cold spell. 


  1. The tree of family life looks great! It is nice too that you can change the photos if you wish, or just add more!

  2. Thank you, when I started I wasn't sure how I was going to use the tree with pictures but I think this will work.Who knows how it will evolve.

  3. I should have got to the windows last week and didn't - maybe we will have another warm spell this winter? chilly this next week or so I think.

  4. You've made really good progress on all the Christmas prep. I love your "family tree", such a cool idea.


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