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Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Scarf, Trees and Sheep

The past two days have been a time of keeping busy.
Thursday made it a week since the sheep have been doing their thing in the veggie patch. 

Here is what it looked like the day they came.

Now this is what it looks like after one week on them munching away.

They have done a pretty good job so far. I'm thinking at least a few more days to maybe up to a week more.
I'm thinking I need to seriously think about getting a goat. I like goats, use to have one years ago and they make a good pet if that is what one want. Mine was like a big dog. Sweet, followed me everywhere and even would come when you called but he like all the plants I didn't want him to eat.
Will need a place to keep it in, that will take some work.

Yesterday at the quilt shop it was "sit and sew". You bring whatever you wish to work on and bring your lunch. A time for sewing or something and visiting.
Well I didn't take sewing this time, I took my loom and worked on making another scarf. I know I said I was going to use these yarns next but yesterday morning I was in a rush to putting on the warp threads that I just went with a worsted weight yarn for the warp and a skein of Lion Brand Homespun for the weft, just one color.

It went so fast. In 3 hours the scarf was completed. 

So I started another last night with scraps of pink for the warp and another skein of Lion Brand Homespun but in a very pale pink. 

It's almost done.

  Last but not least it the tree blocks for The Vintage Christmas are done and now it's on to the truck blocks. 


  1. Wow, that is such an impressive make in such a short time. I love that beautiful scarf. A was also impressed on how much those sheep have cleared your garden, a great idea.

  2. You've been busy. That red scarf is gorgeous, very rich colors. Your approach to weeding is definitely out of the box. Love it!


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