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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Lot of Scrappiness

Today I spent most of it away from the house. At Sager Creek was the monthly Block Buster class. 

Image result for corner beam tool

For this months block we used Corner Beam trimmer from 180 Designs.

Small block, finishes 6" 
After we make them we donate the block for 
Quilts of Honor.
And now that we know how to use this tool, the idea is to make yourself one.  I haven't yet, justs the ones in class.

Then I had to run to the feed store and Walmart.
Why does it take so long there. I had a list, I know the layout of the store. You think that would help speed it up some.

I was wanting to finish putting on the last border of the 
Blue Arrow 

It would be nice to get a picture without a cat running to get on the top as soon as I lay it out.
I have 2 sides left but it's late and I'll do it tomorrow.

This morning, I was planning on what to do next so I put up on the design wall another RSC from 2015. Needs a few more blocks and that shouldn't take too long seeing how they are a very easy and quick to make.

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