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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Need Help

I'm having tension problems and can not figure out how to correct it. I've tried all I know.

I had bought a sit down longarm BabyLock Tiara II.
Now I have never had just a longarm before and would do any of my machine quilting on my domestic but did want more room so I could do larger quilts without working so hard to move. 

I have had this machine for only a couple of weeks and hadn't had much time to use it. 

But the past couple of days I have been working on a baby quilt.

I am having such a problem with the tension. 
I've checked and made adjustment to the bobbin and the top tension. 
On the top it looks fine

Started out not too bad on the back 

But then I change the thread. The thread has matching bobbins. 

But now this is the backside.

On the back side flat thread and eyelash stitch.

Top side not bad, my quilting sucks, need practice for sure.

Back yucky

I haven't had formal instruction yet or any classes and feel like I should.

Going to call the shop tomorrow but until I can get some one and one instruction...... 
Has anyone experience the same on their longarm and how did you resolve it? 
 I'm open to any suggestion and we'll try anything
You probably know how frustrating it is. 
All I want to do is QUILT. 

Hope you can help me!


  1. goodluck I hope you can get it sorted out quickly...........

  2. I own the same machine. First to set or adjust tension use two different colors of thread. Check the tension picture that is in your manual. It is best to set the bobbin first and the thread second. Make sure the machine is threaded correctly, no lint or thread tails caught in the tension discs. You can actually separate them with your fingers and use canned air to clean between the. The same is true with the bobbin, check the spring for lint or threads and clean it out. This happens more often than you think. Hope these suggestions help you, I've helped reset tension on several machine with these tasks. Good luck

  3. I forgot to tell you I use the "Spider" method to set the bobbin tension. (quilter3615@yahoo.com) same person as comment #2

  4. For some good information go to Jamie Wallen's YouTube videos. His videos are great for any longarm machine. Also on Facebook there is a beginning longarm group that you might like to join. Congrats on getting your machine. I'm sure you'll like it once you work out the kinks!

  5. I so feel your frustration.......hope you have it fixed by now.


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