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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Spring Cleaning the Chicken Yard

This morning I finally cleaned out the chicken yard, I try to do this twice a year. It is amazing how much limb, twigs and bark will fall off the persimmon tree that is near.

Went to work raking up all the debris into piles and ended up with 2 wheel barrows full .

another of limbs, twigs and bark which went to the fire pit.

Straw and rocks is what most of the debris was and what I did was to put it out in part of the pasture that the "man of the place" drives through. Just dumped it out and didn't bother to spread it cause

The girls will do it for me. The funny thing is that stuff has been in their yard for months now and they hadn't worked this hard scratching through it.
Guess it just look good now.

Here is the yard now, debris free, for a while. 
It is spring and we always get storms but looks good for now.

And to celebrate gave the girls a little scratch.

Now let me tell you after a few hours of cleaning I was tired and had to rest for a few.

Did a little quilting on the machine and tomorrow I'll show what it is I'm working on.
And this evening working on finishing weaving this scarf.

Turned out pretty nice.


  1. taking care of chickens can be hard work I guess :) but worth it in the end for those fresh eggs!

  2. Happy chickens...means happy eggs...(smiling)


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