If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.William Morris.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Beautiful Day

Boy what a pretty day it was today and would of been a good day to do yard work but I had promised my mom I would come by. We had plan to do a little sewing. She hasn't done much lately because she has been tired all the time. Our plan changed while I there. Instead of sewing we just sat around and we both work on some crocheting.
She was making an afghan and I a baby blanket.  

Before I went over to my parents I went by the church to help preparing this month's Food for Kids backpacks
Great program for kids and helping out with food insecurities.

 When I came home I had a few hours before the "Man of the Place" would be home so I took care of few things and then it was some sewing.  

Finish the last 2 side on the Blue Arrow

Had a little time left so I went ahead prepping a baby quilt to practice some quilting.

This is the top

This is the back
I think for now the tension is good. After reading the comments from the other day, I tried some of your suggestions. Redid the bobbin tension, loosen it some.
Rethread the machine but didn't need to change the needle because the tension was ok.

Put a pieced border on...... had some leftover pieces that worked out just right.
Measures out to be 36" square..

Went ahead with basting the quilt.

These are my homemade point covers for the large pins.
I had seen Leah Day use them
 but hers are a product called Pinmoors

Don't have those and I had a thought I could make my own. 

I am using the earplugs the "Man of the Place" get from his job.

I had already used them on the green baby quilt and they work really well.

Only problem is Bob wants to play with them and I have to make sure I put it up so he can't get to it.

That is where my day ended other than dinner and writing this. Hopefully I can do a little quilting while watching tv

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  1. I love the quilts and the quilting. Great idea for Pinmoor substitutes! I do like the Pinmoors, but the cost is quite extreme when customs duty is added to the package. Now my hubby has a stash of the earplugs so if I run out of the Pinmoors for my quilt, I shall know what to use! Thank you - brilliant tip. :D

  2. What a clever idea.....I just might steal it....

    Love both quilts


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