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Friday, June 2, 2017

More Hexies

I had finished sewing together the hexies I prepped last week as you can see. 

And I thought about prepping out some more but then I thought about it and thought well maybe I can get a die for my accuquilt cutter. I went online and looked at what they had. Had one for a 1 inch hexies where the hexies I'm using are 3/4 inch. 

I went ahead and got it because I thought I could either use the smaller one to cut the fabric or just go ahead with the larger size that they use to cut for the 1 inch Hexie. 

I tried the smaller one and as you can see but it doesn't leave you much room not even a quarter of an inch around the Hexie. 

So went ahead and did a few of the larger ones. Tho it's a little more bulk on the inside of your hexie, I like it a lot better because it with easier to prep the hexie and then I didn't have to worry about not having enough fabric catching when I was sewing them together.

 There were times when there wasn't much fabric to grab onto and some of the corners of my hexies.... I'm a little concerned about that, so I took a few extra stitches.

I've been cutting out my fabrics to prep some more hexie  for me to work on.

Yesterday was Mom's first treatment and she seem to do very well. She was nervous and of course they have to explain all possible side effect that a person may go through with the treatment. But she hasn't had any side effects so far with the immunotherapy treatment, most cases two out of three people will not experience any side effects but there is a possibility. So just have to keep an I on her. Only thing I can add is that it was pretty much an all day ordeal. Her appointment was at 10 o'clock and we didn't get out of there until 3:30, so it was a long day for her but she did really well. 


  1. Glad to hear your Mum did so well and with no side effect yet, long may that last.

  2. I have both sets of the double hexie dies where you can cut out the paper and the cloth - works great - I used the smaller side I believe for the 3/4" hexies that I made

  3. Your hexies are looking great. So glad that your mom die well with her treatment.

  4. my hexes are 3 inch. And I think that is slow. LOL But when you do most of your piecing my machine, it is slow. Nice to meet you. I hopped over from Friday Whoop Whoop.

  5. The hexies look great! Thanks for sharing your experiment with the cutter and the pros/cons of excess seam allowance. And blessing to you and your mom!

  6. I've been thinking of giving hexis a try, but the idea of all that cutting. Well now that I know Accuquilt has a die...whoopie!
    Best wishes for your mom's treatments. They can be so exhausting because it means so much time just waiting. Maybe you should bring a few extra hexis for your mom to work on. Hope all goes well for her.

  7. I just really love your "neutral" hexies...I have that die and use it for papers all the time...(no way I'm gonna cut my own papers--- and I love using freezer paper for them--- and then just iron them onto strips and cut 1/4" +/- around...) anyway, (got a bit wordy there :}}}) love how yours are coming...hugs, Julierose

  8. Very pretty hexies. Hope your Mother is continuing to do well.


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