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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What's happened

What a week with both good and not good news to share.
I'll just start with last Tuesday.

I was able to get the my No Brainer done. Well sort of, I need to get a border on but need to look for something to use.

This day I spent most of it cleaning in preparation for the boys coming. Did do some handwork, worked on the Diamonds hexies.

As you can see that there are 5 diamonds. 
I was hoping to get more fabric cut out but just never got around to it.

I had a list of tasks to which was baking pound cakes (which I did on Friday morning) for the salad luncheon we were having Friday at church when I received a call from my Dad to see if I could come help mom get ready to go to the doctor. Come to find out she had been feeling bad for a couple days now. I talked with her Monday and all she talked about was the floaters she was having in her eyes. Well after seeing the Oncologist she sent her to the ER and admitted her.

Friday to now  
Mom has and still in the hospital. She was having side effects to the immunotherapy.
It can attack healthy cells due to her immune being in active mode. It went to the lining of her lungs and cause her to get a form of pneumonia. So she is on steroids and antibiotics. 
She has made improvements but unfortunately has a case of bronchitis now. They have not said yet when she'll be released or if she can continue with treatment.

While visiting I been with me the Flag Afghan   
 As you can see I've made a lot of progress and believe I will have it completed in time to decorate for the Fourth.

So there, a taste of my week

Today I had started on getting the boys room spruced up.

And I started a soft toy for a new baby at church. We are having a baby shower Saturday and thought it would make a great gift.
Looks fairly easy, hope it is. 


  1. sorry your mom is having a bad time right now and just when your grandchildren are coming and you will be busy with them also - I hope this short stint in the hospital will help her and she will be back home soon - I'm not sure if you mentioned what kind of cancer she has but praying for the best.

  2. So sorry to hear your Mum is having a rough time, saying a pray in the hope that it will help. Love the ball for the baby shower, a real delight along with those wonderful quilts. Have fun with the Grandchildren.

  3. Also sending good wishes for your mom's health and happiness. I really enjoy reading your blog. What a week you had! And working on four projects simultaneously! I do that too, but don't always get them completed. LOL I like the No Brainer; scrappy quilts are my favourites.

  4. love your no brainer....hope your mom gets better and is able to go home.


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