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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Hodge Podge Day

A lot of times when I do not complete the tasks that is written down in my bullet journal I had hope to have done during the week, I'll try to do them on the weekend.

That is why it was such a hodge podge of a day.
Did some cleaning and finally hung the turkey platters back up on the wall in the dining room. 

I had taken them down to put up Christmas plates, which it's been 6 months...no hurry.

You see I was in one of those moods where I wanted to clean and organize. Yesterday I thought I would try to finish the Flag Quilt today .... and I did do a little sewing, finished all the missing units that were needed. 

Maybe tomorrow I'll get it done.

I thought I would organize the hexies I'm working on and realize that I had this cute case that I had purchased with fat quarters of Kaye England fabric lying around for a good many years and I'm now finally going to use it. 

Wanted some dividers for the hexies when I get them prepped. Made one out of some cardboard, hope it works.
I need to get more hexagons.

If I had thought this out and knew I was going to get this die I could of cut out my own but I already started with the 3/4". That's okay, I'll use it for the next time.

I think it will work, only time will tell.

Then I had been meaning to warp the little loom all week and did that today. 

Using up more of the stash yarn.
Warped alternating 4 strains of multi and 4 of the solid.
Not sure what it will look like until I'll start weaving. Guessing game.

Agree that is a hodge podge day.


  1. had to laugh at the Christmas plates still on the wall and being changed out now - a house down the road from me still has a Christmas Wreath hung on the front door - I know they normally use the back door by the carport and wonder if they even remember it is hanging still

  2. I am a great fan of a list, using bullet points too. It works well. I did smile at your plates finally been put back on the wall.

  3. You got lots of odds and ends done. Is amazing how finishing off a few chores improves one sense of accomplishment for the week.


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