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Friday, August 25, 2017


Boy does it seem like it's been a long week. My sister is still here and will be until the 9th of September... besides my sister, my youngest daughter has been here this week also.
You can guess that I haven't done too much but was able to complete the Christmas Trip Around the World.

My first TATW and found it easier than I thought it would be, so much so that I can see myself making another.

Used fabric from my stash... honestly I did not realize I had as much Christmas fabric as I do. Going to have to come up with another pattern to use more of it up. 

Also was able to finish weaving up some wash cloths.

Had enough warp to do 3 cloths.

Wasn't really sure on how to finish the and wanted to just get them done without taking time to find out how.

So I did a small, tight zigzag stitch along the edge before cutting it apart.

The next thing I did remember reading was to sew a hem on the edges.

Looks fair but the true test is how well they work.
Gave one a try and so far holding up...even after a washing.
I'm now planning on the next ones. Figure these will make good gifts for Christmas. 
Really need to start thinking about what I plan to make for gifts.

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  1. Your TATW is gorgeous. Congrats on getting it to the finished flimsy stage. Those wash cloths are almost too pretty to use. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. The Christmas quilt looks great. I would love to use up the Christmas fabrics I have. This would be a good pattern. The wash cloths are lovely. Looks like the zigzag worked.

  3. Two great projects. I like your Christmas Trip quilt very much. The washcloths are very attractive and one can always use something like that. I find that I value usefulness very much in a gift. =)


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