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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sewing is a Stress reliever

It has been a stressful week in a few ways. Not just what happenings here in the States and in Spain.
My mom was admitted into the hospital for a couple days. She was able to go home this afternoon and will need to still do a little recovering.

Then it has been raining a little pretty much each day so far this week, we have received 3 inches this week. That is what we normally get in the whole month of August, we can add what we had the part of the month.

But I loved the change.

Was able to finish putting on the border to "Let it Snow Again"
Finished out to be 67" x 67"

I did go with a thin 1" border of some leftover fabric that was used in the strip sets, with a 6 1/2" border.

Such beautiful fabric, made a pretty quilt top.

Hadn't done any more on Dreamy Hexagon because I had left it at my mom's went I took her to the ER Tuesday morning. I'll pick it when I go over there tomorrow.

So I started on the Christmas Trip Around The World I had prepped for the retreat and never did get to it.

I had been wanting to do this pattern for years and it has been fun so far.

On the loom is the cotton for the washcloths. So far I have woven 2 cloths and started a 3rd all on the same warp thread.
Here is a picture of the pick up stick behind the heddle. Which is the first time I will be weaving using this technique.

Not as hard as I imagined. 

Think I can get one more completed before I run out of the warp thread.

I had to assemble a block of the "leader and enders"  I had been working for the past year.
Really like this pattern, think part of the reason is the 3" nine patch, making the squares 1"

Till later


  1. love the quilt you are doing and I always love to watch weaving when at a craft show type of place and someone is doing it. sorry your mom was back in the hospital for awhile and hope she will be ok. I can't stand to watch the news anymore but do anyhow - I can't believe this incompetent president I do not ever remember having someone like him in the white house that is so totally unprepared and not right for the job

  2. Hope your mom is recovering nicely....enjoyed seeing all the fun things you are up to.

  3. Yes more stress and worry added to the pile here to...... I switched off from the world last night but been awake thinking for hours....... Time to get up the day is just beginning......
    Wow 3inchs.... Nice rain...... We have only had just over that for 8 months now......things are not good.......
    Your quilt is lovely......

  4. Hope that your mama continues to improve. The Snowflake quilt is just beautiful and what great progress on your other projects!

  5. I hope your mother is recovering quickly. Your projects look amazing. I hope to learn to quilt a small piece some day in the future.

  6. Let it Snow turned out beautifully. I love those dark blue batiks. You've gotten lots done on several different projects. Hope you mother is fully recovered and you've had more time to stitch.


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