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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Slow and Steady

It has been a good day, the weather for most of the day was cloudy, breezy and cool.
Gave me the opportunity to get a bit done outside and help "the man of the place" with the cows. It's time to take the calves off to market.

After that, I enjoyed some piecework. 
Started this last weekend to take with me to the retreat

Made little progress then but have been working on it this week and have two of the seven done. 

So love the colors and tonight I'm working a muted green and pink hexagons while watching Game of Thrones.

Also today I drug out my loom. A while back I had started this scarf and had put it away while the boys were here. 
Pretty close to the end and need to get it off the loom because I would like to make some wash cloths out of all the cotton thread I have. Still bothers my wrists to knit so I might as well weave some. Who knows I might like them better.

Yesterday I did finish assembling the main part of the
"Let it Snow

Now I just have to wait for the fabric I order for the border to arrive. Should be sometime this week.

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  1. you have been working on a number of projects haven't you just like I do - variety keeps it interesting and using different motions might help your wrists.


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