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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Busy Hexagon Day

It is a gorgeous day here in NE Oklahoma, temps in the low 80's and humidity is only 44%...... perfect

Done a little yard work and enjoyed walking today. It was so humid earlier this month which I just do not care for and don't tolerate very well, which means I did less walking earlier this month.

Was able to finish the hexagon circles to the Dreamy Hexagon last night.

Now have all seven pinned in place to be applique and went together better than I thought.

 There are still a gap or two between the hexagons but I believe I will be able to fix it where they will line up together.

Have the thread picked and couldn't resist taking a picture...so pretty 

My daughter is still home and bored, so she decided since she doesn't sew she could cut and prep my hexes for the Mosaic Diamond  Quilt.

So far she has 13 ready with at least that many more together in groups.
I will be set for awhile once she's done.

My test yesterday was clean and do not need to have another for 10 years.....YEAH!!!!!! 


  1. Excellent on your testing!! I love your dreamy hexagons--so pretty...
    I have that fabric that you use for centers....perfect way to show off those cabbage flowers...hugs, Julierose...

  2. such a different kind of layout then usual for the hexies - like it

  3. Hi Kathleen,
    What pretty fabrics you have chosen, for all these projects. Great news on a clean test - and 10 for another test is even better news. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Wow! How nice for her to prep pieces for you! I'd love that kind of help from a bored daughter. :) And boy, do I really, really love what you're doing with your Dreamy Hexagons project. That wavy stripe is so cool behind them!

  5. Thrilled to hear your tests went well. How lovely to have a daughter at home to help. A wonderful project in the making.

  6. The hexies are lovely and really unusual. Glad all went well for your tests!

  7. Glad the test results were good. The Dreamy Hexagons look great. Have fun playing with your new hexie project.


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