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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Here Kitty, Kitty

I said I would show more of the peek from yesterday but before I do like to tell you how I decided I just had to have a few more Kitties

On Facebook a couple weeks ago someone had posted this picture and it was love at first sight.

Kitty Pumpkin

I went in search of items. Instead of real pumpkin I went ahead and bought one of those fake pumpkin you can carve and little foam ones too.

 Didn't find enough ribbon I liked so I made one of my own using fabric.

Found some small pumpkins at dollar tree but they were not all plain, had words and stripes on some so I went and painted over that stuff to make them just plain.

This white one had stripes.

Instead of hot gluing on the ears I just cut slits and inserted the ears.

Had animals eyes so used those instead of black thumbtacks but did have to purchase some black wire for whiskers.

In the direction it said to use florist foam but didn't know that, I just stuff the pumpkin with shredded paper and topped with fake fall leaves

Hardest part was getting the top to stay propped but did get done.

I think it turned out so cute

here is a link to directions (which I hadn't found until I went looking for the original picture to post here.)
But I did pretty much what they suggested.

The rest of the evening will be some piecework while watching TV.

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