If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.William Morris.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

My Simple Woman Daybook for October

For Today

Looking out my window
I see the beginning of the leaves turning colors and the absents of hummingbirds. Will need to take down the feeder and clean to store till next year.

I am thinking
about what I need to finish for Christmas. I have some quilts and other projects started that just have a little something to have them ready.

I am thankful
(one word)

One of my favorite things

I am creating
slippers for gifts. Found this really cool pattern for crochet slippers that have a knitted look.

I am wearing
grey yoga pant and white and grey striped woven shirt. Really thought it was going to be a little cooler today when I dressed this morning. I just wishing it was I guess, so I was a little warm today.

I am reading

I am hoping
To be by the end of the month, cycling 6 miles at a time.
Right now it's 3 miles....4x's a week

I am learning
about more on the country, foods, traditions and culture of my mother's side of the family. Seeing how I'm a quarter Dane (danish)

In my kitchen
Foods of my childhood and Denmark
Frikadeller, Red Cabbage (love, love) and this Danish Dream Cake

In my garden
Is this years neglect and next year's dream.

Pinterest Board room
Flow Blue Florence Turkey Platter  Bisto England
This is one of the most gorgeous Turkey Platters I have seen,

“Days decrease, And autumn grows, autumn in everything.” 

― Robert Browning

A moment from my day
Evening candle light

Tusind tak
Thousand thanks

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  1. I loved the turkey platter, what a joy. I too am thankful for my family, a lovely post.

  2. Loved your post.....it is not time yet to winterize things here yet...wish it was so....

  3. Lots of beautiful things in life if we slow down to enjoy them. Thanks for sharing yours.


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