If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.William Morris.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Slow Sunday

It has been so nice today, morning temps in the fifties and a sunny fall day.
Started my day with a 3.5 mile bike ride....which felt great.
Later I put a turkey in the oven to slow cook,
the "man of the place" ask if I could make a turkey with some the of fix'en, said he has been craving this for a month now. I know Thanksgiving is just a little over a month away but I couldn't convince them to wait.   

I do have to say it was very tasty and we will have plenty of leftover since it's just two of us.

This evening I will spend time sewing the binding on the William Morris.

I enjoy sewing down binding, find it relaxing.

Earlier today I did finish my daughter slippers and they turned good but I personally like the other pattern I made a couple weeks ago.
Now I'm wanting to Spicier Life CAL

Hope all is well for you. 

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  1. you know I think the only time we have turkey is at Thanksgiving. I will have ground turkey or occasionally a turkey breast in the crock pot but only roast in once a year -- I wish we could get a really small turkey - for two people a turkey is just so large

  2. My mouth was watering looking at the turkey, it is so rare that we eat turkey and yet it is something that we both really enjoy.

  3. Our local store just had a split turkey breast on sale for .99 per pound and I did a small one in the crockpot : Hot turkey sandwiches with gravy, cold turkey sandwiches for lunch / turkey with mashed pototoes and gravy...loved it just like you! :) Beautiful slippers for your daughter and congratulations on being at the binding stage on William Morris! :)

  4. Hopefully with those leftovers you've had more time to stitch. Sewing on the binding is very relaxing. I like spending that time with a quilt. It's nice to contemplate all the things that happened while it was in production and in some cases where it's going. It's like a long good bye in a way. Happy stitching this weekend.


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