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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Making Progress

It was another day of taking my mom to a doctor appointment and her test came out just fine, thank god.

While waiting I was able to finish one slipper to the pair. And seeing how I will be driving mom to her HCE meeting tomorrow I'll be able to get the other one started.

While in Tulsa she was up to going to Hobby Lobby because she needed something so while there I looked for some yarn to go with the CAL. Found a couple I think will work.

Do need to find a soft peachy color and a copper like one.

This evening was able to get a little sewing in.

Yesterday I had trimmed the Michelle Hill's BOM from a few years back, to get ready for the binding.

I did not quilt this myself, Pam at Sager Creek did.

She does a beautiful job, love the cross-hatch and outlined the applique.

So this is one of things I was able to do, still need to finish it off by hand.

Antique acorn sterling sewing case with slots for a thimble, thread and needles made by S. Coddle and Company. They made novelty sterling sewing items
antique thimble holder               


  1. What a talent Pam has, such precision it was a joy to admire her work. Glad things went well at the hospital for your Mum, long may that last. Take care.

  2. glad your mom is ok for now and hope that continues. Which of Michelle's patterns is this one that you show?

  3. I have to say that your quilt is A....MAZZZing!!

  4. Gorgeous! Enjoy your hand stitching time.


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