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Monday, October 2, 2017

Whats Up 10.02.17

Here it is October, just love this month. Mainly because our anniversary is this month.

Up on the wall is the Vintage Garden and slowly making progress. I can say that it is 2/3 completed as far as the applique is concerned. Starting to come together don't you think.

This one too has been in the making for a long time. Think maybe I started it 10 years ago or so. Seems like I have a lot of projects around here that been in the works for years. Sure feels good getting them finished.

Did some more crocheting on the slippers today while at mom's.
Have the heel done and now working on the foot part.
Coming along nicely and will make a nice gift.

Never did show you the cool egg holder I found last month.
It holds 18 eggs. Looks so pretty sitting out on the counter. I know I have mentioned this before but as long as I do not wash the eggs, they can stay out for a month without any problems. One of the benefits of having chickens and fresh eggs.

Speaking of which I had finally counted up the monthly count of gathered eggs. I did not keep track of numbers of eggs in July when the grandsons were here but did for the other months.

June 327 total
August 259 total
September 237 total

As you can see they are laying less each month and have no good reason why. There are 16 hens which 5 are at least 4 years or older and I can guess they are the reason.


Hard to read but it said.... cow; The poor girl is out of eggs.
pig; Henopause



  1. Love the egg holder esp the blue eggs on it.......

  2. Funny indeed, we are thinking about getting some hens. We have not a great deal of knowledge so are doing a little research before committing.

  3. I love the antique egg holder - my nephew and his wife have chickens and keep their eggs out also that they do not sell and my brother and his wife do too - I wonder why it is that eggs straight from the chicken coop to the kitchen can be out on the counter if not washed but if washed they go to the refrigerator


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