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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Colorful Spools


Last night I was working on this and pretty much was finished writing and was ready to upload the pics. Went to do that and found my iPad dead, needed to be charge so here it is the next morning
seems like there is one thing or another lately.

After a few days of only able to put in just 15 mins a day, yesterday I was able to sew for over 3 hours. 

The first thing was to add a border to this months RSC.

My next plan is to practice machine quilting. I think this could be a great way to get 15 minutes in.

Have here shown 19 diamonds completed but there are a few missing. I have started adding the background hexagons

So I needed to cut out some more  2" squares to prep some hexies for the Mosaic Diamonds. 

Then I was going to start on something new but just wasn't in the mood to search down fabric. So decided to work on finishing something I started. 

Picked the box that had the RSC blocks from 2015, picked the spools blocks.

This is what I had already made but after I decided on which layout ...... I wanted like this

Love this layout by Eydta Sitar and I too will do some applique on the border.
Realized that I needed to make another spool

So far this what I have up on the wall.

Have some time this morning to get a little sewing in than I'm off to my parents, mom came home Monday and still recovering from pneumonia, then master gardening class this evening. 


  1. Good news about your Mum wishing her a speedy recovery. Love the spools, delightful.

  2. Glad you mother is doing better. Hope you got in some more stitching today. The Spools quilt is coming together beautifully!

  3. Glad your mum is home...... Nice projects your working on......

  4. So glad to hear your mother is home. Some days it's hard to get those 15 minutes in, but you are doing amazing! I think it's cool your taking the Master Gardening classes.


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