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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Stash, 15 mins and more

Here it is Sunday already and tomorrow the grandsons fly back home, their visit was way too short. But I have to say it wasn't one of our best thou. Ben was sick the whole time. He was congested like my daughter and then for the next 3 days he had a temp, stuffed up and a daily bout of throwing up. In fact on the way to the airport to pick up their mom he threw up in the car. Oh my what a mess and stunk, phew wee. Just hope he does okay on the plane ride home.

Now on to more pleasant stuff. Last year I started keeping track of stash usage. I did really well until about October and then I really didn't do much to add to the total.  So my ending total usage 55 3/4 yards. I was hoping for more but at least it was to the good.

Now for the start of 2018
It's easy one, this week I used a yard and half from my stash. Brought nothing in
This also means I need to redo the stash report on the side here.

I also going to add something else new Kate at Life in Pieces is doing a 15 mins a day challenge. Now if I can get into the sewing room for at least 15 each day would be great but I am going to add in handwork too. I decided that I would track of days spent sewing/quilting and also the amount of time only in the sewing room.

Week 1 
Days spent stitching 4 out of 7
Time in sewing room 4 hours

With the boys leaving I hope to get more in this coming week.

My stitching for today is a little quilting. 

Never did do what I said I would, I did not go ahead and hung this up before I had it finished. The reason was I just never got around to it. Just too busy. 
Oh well, it will be ready for next Christmas.

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  1. I sure hope your little grandson feels better soon. I always hate when my kids get sick and you just kind of feel helpless. I do hope you are able to get your 15 minutes in...I think we all need that. :)

  2. love your quilt. I always hate to hear of people being sick and needing to fly some place and imagine all the people that could get sick from being in contact needless to say the misery of the person that is not feeling good. Hope he wasn't sick on the plane

  3. Time spent with Grandkids is always too short for me. Your scrappy quilt is very nice

  4. Such a shame about your Grandson, hope he is feeling better. Great projects as always.

  5. Oh how miserable to be sick at grandma's. Hope he did OK flying home, that's even worse. You've got in some great stitching time this week. Thank you for linking up with the 15 Minutes to Stitch.

  6. goodluck on your 15mins.....I'm trying to get 10 in daily..........it all adds up to progress on a quilt........


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