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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Scrappy Saturaday

I have been meaning to write something for the past couple of day. For one if you had been following me for a while you'll know that each January it is time for the Pantry Challenge, that's where you try to eat mainly from whats in the house only getting from the store your basics....milk, butter and fresh veggies and fruits.
And beside that it is also National Soup month

Thursday I made a big pot of Split Pea Soup with ham. Add to that some fresh cornbread. (All had in the house)

We had nice temps until Thursday and that is when it got really cold again and hot soup does hit the spot.

When cold spell hits I like to spend time sewing.

Was able to start in on RSC for this month, color is blue.

I decided to use Moda Love Charm Quilt pattern (free) and will make a baby quilt.

Using some 30's reproduction fabric.

Very easy little one to put together.

Also dug out one of the scrap box container to find some more blue to cut up into usable pieces. 

This container of scraps came from my mom and found that she had thrown away some pieced blocks. I know why, they are not her best work but I think I can still make something from them.

What do you think?
Really not sure what it will end up looking like but this could be fun. There is still more in the box of unused blocks.

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  1. You soup looks delicious. What a good job of using what you have, both fabrics and food.

  2. That soup sounds delicious! My picky hubby would roll his eyes, make a snarky comment and grudgingly make himself a peanut butter sandwich. (He claims he's not picky, but I disagree!) I love the blocks you found from your mom. They're a great start and could become a wonderful donation quilt for someone with less critical standards for quilts as we quilters can be! (Then again, on a cold day, I don't much worry if my points match,so long as I'm toasty warm!)

  3. My husband is extremely picky too but neither of us like pea soup, I could find lots to cook in my house today - would he eat it?
    is that pattern also called a Carpenter's Star?

  4. It's also National Hobby Month too. The soup looks delicious. I'm using scrap fabric to hand sew lavender bags and making homemade "cotton balls" (more like a wipe to use in place of buying cotton balls).

  5. Yes, definitely do something with your mother's blocks. Even if it's a small tabletop quilt. What a treat for you to find them.

  6. Loving all of your scrappy BLUE!! I think you are on the right track with your Mom's blocks. I can't tell the scale, but surely you can add more 9-Patch blocks to expand what you've got going there. Good luck with it!!

  7. What a joy to find some of your Mums blocks, love the beautiful colour. The soup looks good too, I roasted some vegetables earlier to make soup.

  8. I made lentil soup and cornbread. Love your two blocks.

  9. I like the look of Moda love in two fabrics........


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