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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Just Another Day

It's been a long week, been everyday except yesterday spending the day at the hospital visiting mom.
It takes up a good portion of the day but I have been able to get a little each day working on scraps and yesterday I was home so I was able to finally finish cleaning up this mess. 

It took a while but this is how wonderful my room looks now.

Have now all the UFOs up on the shelf instead of in the ironing shelf.

Put in the shoe box size containers scrap bits, triangles, HST and some 1 1/2 strips. 

Then in this shelf I have all the cut squares and strips.

I know that I have some sizes that most don't save but they do come in handy when wanting make HST.

I have been wanting to get this task done for a year now and it feel good to finally have it done.

Now it's time to get busy using them up seeing how I have tubs of scraps I need to press and cut.

Was able to do a little sewing after all this was done,
Finish the baby Blue RSC


  1. I am thrilled you managed to get your room sorted as you wanted. It looks amazing. Love the blue fabric.

  2. Wonderful organization!!!

  3. sorry your mom is back in the hospital again. Looks like you are organizing pretty well

  4. Your sewing rooming looks great! Everything sorted and labeled too! Do you like your IKEA cart? I’ve wanted one but not sure how it would fit into the scheme of things (if there even is a scheme). How do you use it?

  5. Very organized in your sewing room. My is hopeless right now. Too much stuff.


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