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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Packing and Planning

Well we are back to a quiet home, even thou the grandsons were here less than a week, it was nice to have all the noise and activity 2 five years old bring.
They flew home yesterday and I have spent part of yesterday and today putting up Christmas decorations. Pretty much done and I'm ready to get on with making plans for this month.

I have decide which projects I want to post for 2018 FAL Q1
I believe I'll just pick 3.

 Finish quilting on this, Scandinavian Christmas

 This is a RSC from 2016 and there is really not much left to do. The goal is to finish the top, have it quilted and bound

Lastly will be finishing up the baby blanket I started last year.
Next thing will be to find a baby for this.

I believe this is all doable.

 Mailed off the little red hats today, the deadline was the 15th and I believe they should make it.

 Feels good to have a something finished on time.

Tomorrow will be a day of Doctor appointment for Mom so I'll take along some handwork.

Today for my 15 mins I worked on prepping a block for Warm Winter quilt.


  1. Yes, doable! I wish you well. They will be wonderful finishes!

  2. Such beautiful projects, looking forward to see the finish. Love the crochet blanket.

  3. good luck to your mom at the doctor appointment -hope she is doing well. I love those little hats - knit or crochet? and what are they for?

  4. I thought I'd seen most of Blackbird Designs large quilts but I've never seen the "Warm Hearts" one. It is really nice and the "Log Cabin" looking flower containers are very interesting and different. I found out that this book was published in 2001 (before I started quilting in earnest). I could find a used copy on Amazon for $170.00. You've got a very valuable book!


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