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Friday, December 30, 2011

Egg-Special Day

I was so excited to see these today. You see "the girls" have just not been laying these past couple of months

Between them going through a molting period, then the change in the weather by getting cooler or I should say down right cold here for a while.  They we're not happy. And then there is the shorter daylight hours but we are heading in the other direction now.
I have for the pass couple of months just getting an egg a day and that is pathetic for having 26 hens. Because they have not  been laying, it did not alter their appetite any. Little piglets.
I would like to share a really fun and educational site I just find so amusing.  Its Terry Golson  Hen Cam and that is exactly what it is a camera that is in the hen house/yard. Great site for kids, big and small. She also has a blog that she gives excellent advise on raising chickens. I going to put a button on my sidebar that you can use anytime.
Now if the other 22 hens get busy, I'll be back in business.
Egg Money for fabric

Till next time


  1. Thank you for posting the Hen Cam link. It is always interesting to see how others have their coops and pens set up.
    I really wish my Silkie girls would stop laying, then I could actually turn the incubator off for the winter. But with my girls, I'll take what I can get since they really don't like laying during the summer.

  2. My 2 young girls are finally laying most days, even though it got cold fast. Now if the older one would be more consistent!


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