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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oh My, What am I Going to do

Oh my, I just received this email from Sentimental Stitches and she had posted about a new mystery quilt she is going to start in January along with Brenda P (Dear Jane). I just love the idea they are going to do. It iwill be  a 2 color quilt. Can get no better than that. The idea was inspired by Red and White exhibit  of Joanna Sernel Rose's collection of quilts this past year in New York 
I so wanted to go see that exhibit and was unable to. All the pictures I have seen are just amazing.and make me drool, need a bib each time I look. 
And now there is an app I just came across a couple of days ago you can put on you iPhone or ipad or android. On Gay's new blog you will find the links to download, plus they are free (at least the iPhone was, I don't know about the others).
You need to get it, it's just wonderful. Inspiration any time, like when your sitting waiting why not look at some quilts .
I really need to curb my enthusiasm, I have just gotten done writing about the UFOs I need to finish and now I want to do this. I just need to be cloned, cause I do love my sleep too much to give that up. For those who know me maybe know how much I love 2 color quilts, blue and white being my favorite but I do like other 2 color combos. So somehow I am going to fit this in next years schedule.
How about you?
Check it out and see for yourself and also get the app.

Till next time

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