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Thursday, December 29, 2011

So Disappointed

Today I received my Christmas present via FedEx. You see I was given a new laptop from "the man of the place". I was so excited to see it come, sometime I just find it hard to wait. But I did and now it was time to retire this one

It was a good computer and I have spent a lot of hours on it. But it just does not run very well, slow and then it also has been not responding way too much. 

 Then there is the issue of the cord, it's so worn that it will fall out so I got some of the great stuff, "Duct Tape" but doesn't it look terrible.

So I have a new Dell
Sort of, I do and then I don't.
Isn't it pretty, has a bigger screen and way so much more power and memory

It's damaged. That little black piece on the paper is the piece thats broken and unfortunately the other half is inside the laptop. All I can do is just look at it. I guess I could try it out but I would be afraid I would really mess it up and I would feel bad.
I guess I will just have to put up with my old laptop for another week until the replacement arrives.
Oh no, I have to wait again.

Till next time


  1. Arh!! I hate that. It's such a disappointment to be anticipating a new "toy" and then have it arrive damaged or some how not working. It kind of brings out my "inner brat" sometimes and I wanna pout!! I hope your new one arrives soon and is better than you imagined!!

  2. oohh I hate that when something arrives damaged! SO disappointing - I hope Dell has been super responsive - and you get your new one really quick!
    Beth in Dallas


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