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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Plaid Quilt

OK here goes, my first attempt at giving instructions on making a quilt from start to finish. I have to say that  I am not very savoy on the computer and  having this blog has really widen my horizons, so this will not be high tech like some others are. But I think it will work. 
I said yesterday that I had already cut my fabric into strips but at the bottom of this container I had found some  flat pieces.
Now I would like to throw in a suggestion here, you know that phrase "do as I say and not as do" this is a good example. See how I  just shoved all my strips in the box, DON'T DO. For a very obvious reason (that I didn't get) the fabric wrinkles badly. DUH !! I had to spend sewing time today pressing all my strips.
I had read Bonnie Hunter blog the other day about storing strips and how she decided that Ziploc were a good way to store them, fold them a couple of times so they fit and just leave the top half zipped. You know I will remember that next time. 

So here are the extra pieces and I will use the as demo purposes. You will need to cut three sizes of strips from each of your fabrics


You like my high tech graphics.

2.5"                                         2"                                  1.5"          
You will need to cut an extra 13 strips of the 1.5" because you will be using them in the sashing.

That is as far as I got today because of church and then having to press all the strips.Not much I know.

We'll be doing some sewing tomorrow and I'll give you a clue about tomorrow "no paper". 

Till tomorrow


  1. The plaids are so warm and inviting to cuddle under. I'm watching and waiting to see what's next!


  2. I love your fabrics so I have an idea I'm going to love the quilt! I'll stay tuned!


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