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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Little stuff for Christmas

It is the season for giving and receiving. These bags are for gifts, but I did not make all of them. I made the one on the right. 

The bags were a cinch to make and the cutest little things. I made mine for my step mother who's birthday was yesterday. Her bag is 7x3x3 and big enough  that she could put her crochet needles in it. The one in front on the left is only 4x2x2. There are 4 sizes and will make great gifts. Can use scrap fabric cause it calls a fat quarter but you do not use but a portion of it.

This  pattern is called "A Little Duffle Do It"
by Karen West at www.lovethefabric.com

The little pin cushion was a gift I received form a friend in the 30's club. Liz is known for excellent work in small quilts and this little block is 3". Just look at those nice points. I just love it.
These make lovely gifts also.


1 comment:

  1. Neat bags!! I love the pincushion!!!! I love stars and the work is divine!!!!

    Blessed Christmas to you and all your family!!


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