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Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 3 of my Occupation

I wish I could say I'm as devoted as those protestor in the parks. I have only been able to get a couple hours a day since its started. But tomorrow I have the whole day free to set aside for my sewing room.

So how are you doing on occuping your sewing room?

Today I was able to get my strips sewn together.
You will need to make 12 strip sets. The strip set need to be at least 7" wide but try not to get any larger than 8'. If you do there will be way too much waste. So between 7" - 7 1/2" is ideal.

 After you get all your sets made you'll need to press. I press the seams in one direction.  Now I will firmly suggest, if you don't already, that is to starch your strips. It keeps your fabric stable, no stretching. Which is important because of the way the set are cut, the outside edge are on bias but like I said starching eliminates any problems. 

 There are all kinds on the market and as you can see I have a good number of them. These all work well and would recommend any one of these
 But my favorite is just plain old Sta-Flo mixed with water at a 50/50 ratio. I had learned this from Elsie Campbell. Now I have read about how starch maybe can attracts silverfish bugs but I do not worry about it because I wash my quilts after they are finished. I really like the wrinkle old look washing gives. So if you are worried about it, please use one of the others I've shown. I believe they do not have that issue.

 You do not need a fancy ruler for this, all you need is your favorite ruler. The one I used is my 12" x 6"
and what it needs is the 45 degree lines. We will be cutting our sets at a 45 degree angle.
You will be cutting starting from the right end of your strip set and moving your ruler to the left. Line up the 45 with edge of your fabric and cut. You will move your ruler from bottom edge, than top edge and back untill you can get no more.  

 Your strip will look like this when all the cuts are made. You'll get 4 triangle pieces from each strip set.

 Sew 2 triangle peices together. They will probably not be the same size like mine but thats ok beause we will trim it down to size, 9 1/2" square.

This was one of the largest one I made, that was beause my set was around 7 3/4" . One benefit to a little large is that you can move ruler to get placement of stripe to the effect you like.

They will look like this. You need 24 blocks.
Now remember the clue about what was going to be done today, NO PAPER.
You do not need paper to make string blocks. Just need starch. Gives it that stability. I'm the kind of person who would rather find another way so I do not have to tear out paper

And if you get that done and want something else to do, you'll need to cut 1.5" strips from the light fabric for the sashing. 

I had a few other pictures to add but my 7 year old laptop is just too tired and takes forever to download and such. A replacement would be a great Christmas present. (HINT HINT) Santa

Next is the sashing.


  1. These string blocks are looking great!

  2. Wow. I agree with Michele. Those string pieced blocks are fantastic.


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