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Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Nice Little Quilt Show

At my church yesterday we had  a quilt show which was a nice little show. We were able to raise a bit of money for the Susan G. Komen "For the Cure". There was a total of 59 quilts, which included the challenge quilts called
"It's Raining Cats and Dogs"

#3 won 1st,  #1 won 2nd  and #2 won 3rd in viewer choice.

and the display of Sister in Scripture Quilts. We had 8 quilts total.

Here are a few of quilts that were displayed in the show.

Barbara Davis made this quilt many years ago her daughter said. We lost Barbara this year.
I love this block, I looked it up and did not fine the exact block in BB Encyclopedia but it could be a variation of the block Peaceful Hour. I just going to have to try to draft this one up.

Shirley Cowen made this quilt, it was a BOM from Sager Creek Quilt Shop.
I have started this one also and it is now on my PH-D list. She did an excellent job on hers.

Another one by Shirley, she had entered a few quilts and I believe she won a ribbon on all her quilts.

This quilt was so big I had a hard time trying to fix it all in the shot, as you can tell I did not quite make it. It was also a lot longer than the quilt racks we were using.
This quilt was made by Rosemary Holman and won first place in it's category. And it deserved it. Just gorgeous. Rosemary was another quilter who I believe won a ribbon on all her quilts she entered.
I also believe this was a BOM at the Cotton Patch in Tulsa OK.
This is just a few of the quilts at the show. Had a lot of fun and a big thank you to all that helped.

And a big thank to all that went for a chance on the Sisters in Scripture Quilt. We are able to give a good donation "For the Cure"
and the winner is proudly shown with her new quilt

Till next time,

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