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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day Three and Last Day

Boy, can't believe that this was the last day, I was just getting into the hang of it. Had a very nice room and comfy bed so being ready by 7 am was easy today. We have 3 shops today and then back to Sager Creek. Our first stop was the Quilt Sampler in Springfield, Missouri. Yes, it is owned by the same person as the one in Tulsa, Oklahoma and this time I did get pictures.

This  I believe is Newman, their shop dog. Pam and Cliff at Sager Creek have a shop dog too. I get pictures of Bentley to post.

Love this Log Cabin variation by Kaye England

My friend Linda H. is making this quilt, really sweet one.

They have a big shop, so their displays were very photogenic.

This shop is the only one we visited that had such a large selection of quilting stencils.

Now we are on to our next stop and lunch at Block by Block in Carthage, Missouri. The color of the fall foliage was just starting to turn but at the courthouse square in downtown Carthage it was lovely.

 This one is on the someday list.

 They had a nice selection of samples with space to take some really nice shots.

Now it's on to our last shop and a really nice shop in a old downtown location, it is The Rabbit Liar in Rogers, Arkansas.

Mary is the shop owner and in Halloween costume.

I took quite a few shots of the inside but mine did not turn out well enough to show. I'll have to go back and take new ones to show here someday.

Have a picture to share that I had taken in Higginsville's shop where Wanda was signing something and her friend Sandy wanted me to get a comic shot of her hinny but what really made the shot funny was Sandy's expression. What do you think?


Hopefully till next time ladies, I really enjoy meeting and getting to know them all. It is right that quilters are fun, friendly, kind and just down right good people.

Till next time

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  1. That looked like a great shop hop. Did you come home with lots of goodies? I love the log cabin that looks like clam shells, too. What a fun quilt that would be to make.


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