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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An Explosion of Crumbs

Why is it that when I  work on these crumb blocks, my room  looks like my scrap basket exploded.
I mean it, exploded.

It has looked like this every time and I thought I would just share it. I was wondering, does your space end up like this or am I just a very messy quilter.

I was able to get quite a few  blocks done this afternoon. I really liked making these log cabin blocks the best so far. I like how I do not have to worry about the seams being a perfect 1/4 inch or that they will match up on each strip. Can just slap it together and it looks great.

And then I got crazy and continue to make a few more filler blocks.

Look at how big my pile is getting.


This is just way too much fun for one person, enjoying the process.

Till next time,


  1. I have you know....my space looks way worse! I have to shut the door. In fact, I wondered why it looked like these scraps were growing instead of shrinking...still wonder that now!!! Yes, it is a fun process. Your blocks look great!!

  2. I don't think there is a tidy way to crumb piece! I've tried. I think that's why I can only handle it for so long and then I hit sensory overload. But with blocks like the ones you've been putting out, I have to say, it's worth putting up with mess for the results.

  3. My place is exactly like yours after crumbing !
    Beautiful blocks.

  4. Very fun! My sewing space looks exactly like this! I love your log cabin blocks...they could be their own quilt!

  5. It seems you are not the only one with a messy space...seems to be a common denominator among all of us. LOL! Yours are looking fabulous!


  6. Nope that is what a crumb factory is supposed to look like! Heck, that's why we start using them - to try to get them out of there (notice I said TRY?)

    Your blocks look great, keep 'em coming!

  7. Your blocks are turning out nicely. And yes, my sewing room looks like that too!

  8. Hi, I just linked over from a friday linky party. To me your creative room looks busy and productive. I know, I see photographs of some people's workspace and I wonder "Does anything happen there?" as it's so tidy. Good luck on your quilt. The blocks are beautiful!

  9. It is such a relief to know that I am not just a slob, that my room is suppose to look like that. I can get back to work and not feel guilty. Thank you everyone and thank you for all your comments.

  10. Oh they look great. I am so glad to hear you say that you are enjoying the process. That's so good to hear because isn't that what quilting is suppose to be?!


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