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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day Two of Bus Shop Hop

We had to get up early and be on the bus at 7 am so we could be at the first shop by 8:30. We had 4 shops to hit and our first was at Prairie Pieces Quilt Shop in Emporia, Kansas. It was a fun shop, the owner Sue (on left) and employees had these aprons on. And they were really into the decorating for the Halloween
We were told the the bathroom had been acting up, and to tell a bus load of women that, can be an issue, seeing how that was always the first place to go for most of us. They said they had lost their plumber,
They had a good selection of embroidery items and patterns

From here we on back on the bus to  Stitch On in Lawrence Kansas, (home of Barbara Brackman) didn't see her. Did see a group of protesters for 99.9%.
This shop had gift items in front with the fabric and patterns in the back of shop. Reminded me of what the shop in Rogers, Arkansas use to be a few years back. Had a great selection of cross stitch patterns and thread.

Then we we're on to Quilter's Harvest In Higginsville, Missouri. It was a nice little shop and I was surprised to see that they had Comos embroidery thread, it is not common here in the states., at least from my perspective. Did not get a lot of pictures of this shop. 

They did have when you first walk in on the wall a "Dear Jane" style quilt done in Halloween fabric.

Then we we're on to our last shop for the day at Stover Quality Quilts in Stover, Missouri.

 They have in this shop a work area where hired quilters, quilt on a system that was developed decades ago. Very interesting to watch. The machine are stationary and the frame are movable, being that it is suspended from the ceiling

At each shop they would feed us, 2 shops would have a snack and one would do lunch and the other would do dinner. This shop served us dinner, it was a very good dinner especially since we were hungry from having a light lunch.

From there it was on to our hotel room in Warsaw Missouri. Arrived there around 8:30pm, a very long and fun day of shopping. Boy was my budget shot. And I still one more day to go.

Till next time


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  2. thank you for posting the Halloween Dear Jane pic. I'm working on a Halloween DJ Round Robin, finally I'm doing the outer border. This picture gave my motivation back ;-)
    greetings from Germany
    where we are waiting to have real summer


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