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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just a few crumbs

This past week I have been feeling like I have too many irons in the fire. Normally I can manage all that is needed around the farm and in the house but not lately. I just can't seem to concentrate and I am going around in circles, so needless to say I haven't gotten much sewing done.
All I was able to get accomplished these past 2 weeks were 5 blocks.

So this makes a total of 30 blocks and I think I might need a few more than that. I had written to Michele, a distracted quilter at Distracted Quilter that I was going to make mine bed size. Boy I'm starting to think I might of been having an out of mind experience. They have a word for that and I think it's called  menopause.

This one is what "the man of the place" has to deal with at times.

I just thought this was a cute one

 And this one is just too funny

Till next time,


  1. Kat....you had me cracking up!!! I guess that is what my problem is too....menopause!! At least that sounds better than just can't get it done!!

    Your blocks look great. I had to chuckle when you said you were wondering what you were doing thinking about making a bed size quilt. EVERY quilt I make is bed size....and I am trying to make myself scale it down. This one should be a bit smaller. I hope.

    Hang in there!! Just know you are not alone....wish there was a shot for this...it would be nice to hold a thought for more than a second most days!!!

  2. Having survivied it, trust me, it gets easier. Have you considered getting your thryroid checked? After some mental "fuzzies" during menopause I had mine checked, was very low. Easy fix! Hang in there :) Love the cartoons!

  3. Bed size can be done - if we keep crumbing every Tuesday and don't stop til we get there. I'll hang in with you. I've already got an idea for my next crumb project. I figure we'll just be like Jo or Pattilou. When we finish one, we start another. I can't blame my insanity on menopause, I've always been this way.

  4. Beautiful blocks and very fun post !

  5. Join the club! I call it my Fall Frenzy!
    I think my nesting instint takes over and I'm running in all directions.... I did manage to get my kitchen and dining room painted though!But, plenty of those loose ends to tie up too!
    Oh well,
    Life is good!

  6. Oh so cute and oh so funny. Don't worry...crumbs are not a race. Enjoy the process!


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