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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Day on the Farm

While "the man of the place" was out tending to the cattle this morning I figure I would clean a little and then get busy working on Clue 4 to the mystery Easy Street that Bonnie Hunter is doing. I was making good  time and just about done

When "the man of the place" came in and ask if I would come outside and help him moved the cows to the pasture across the creek. You see we rotate our cows around to the various pastures we have so there is good grass for them to graze on and this time of year the pastures are at the end of their growing season and we will soon be feeding them hay but we have one more pasture that the big girls can graze. So we moved them into the corral so we could separate my cow, Snicker. And yes I do have a cow, she is the prettiest one in the group
 Isn't she pretty.

 She has such a lovely lock of curly hair on her head. She is 10 years old and that is getting up there for a cow. She has been such a good breeder and has given us some very nice calves. Right now we 4 of her offspring's, 2 bulls and 2 cows.
OK back to the story,  so "the man of the place"  walked down the water lane to go open the gates and to see where the bull was. The water lane is fenced off on both sides that leads from the north pasture down to the creek so the cows can get water.

Well "the man of the place" comes back up to tell me that we have a change of plans (very typical) and that we have a LOVE SICK BULL down by the barn where we have the little girls, too young to breed but they do come into heat. It's not easy trying to get 2000 pounds of bull with only one thing on his mind to do what you want him to do, but an hour later we have him in the corral where we have the other cows.

Food is always a good replacement for sex.
Well then we moved the cows into the other pasture, Snicker is in now next to the house so I can take extra care of her during the winter. And LOVE SICK is in the corral for now. He just can't be trusted until the little cow comes out of heat.
So by then it's now dinner time and we decide to go to town to get something to eat.
I when get back, I finished up on clue 4.
This time you made 64 more flying geese (using red & blue) and then had to sew them to 64 of the flying geese that was from clue 2. (red and shirting's)
(This is me playing with the units.)
Feels good to have that done.
And all the cows where they need to be for now.


  1. My well is filled....a post about someone with the name Snickers...where food can replace desire...lol only on a quilting blog as interesting as yours!

  2. Hehe :) Yeah, I guess it *would* be hard to get a breeding-crazed bull to do something else!

  3. Aw, she's a pretty girl! So food replaces sex for a bull? Who knew!

  4. You are going to have a gorgeous quilt!

  5. I am loving your red, white & blue fabrics together!

  6. Your thumbnail on the linky page is so striking!
    When we had livestock I used to go the bread day-old store and buy a bag of really seedy brown breads and treat the cows. Sometimes I'd just fill their mangers and put one on top for each place setting :) those cows loved me~

  7. Love your color choices for Easy Street.

  8. Red blue and white, I like it!!

  9. Love the red, white, and blue!


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