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Friday, December 28, 2012

Back in The Thimble again

It seems like a lifetime since I have done any hand quilting. With working on the stockings the past few months, that took away the evenings for quilting. I like to quilt while sitting with "The Man of the Place" in the evening. And in the summer I just don't have much sitting around in the evening like in the winter. That's another reason why I love the winter.

 This is the quilt we made in our 30's Club at Sager Creek a couple years ago. And I had started quilting on last year.
 I'm using a wool batting and really do love quilting it. It is like they said, "just like quilting through butter".
I'm doing an 1/4 inch outline quilting around the majority of the blocks.
 I believe I might have about 5th of it completed.
I'm using Roxanne needles #11
They are a strong needle, which I need because I have a tendency  to bend my needles. I believe it is because I like to load 4-5 stitches on my needle at a time. 

Do you remember when I planted my Amaryllis back in November. I figure they would not bloom in time for Christmas. I was wrong, a couple day before Christmas this bulb decided to show it's beauty


  1. Happy quilting and your flower looks amazing.

  2. Your stitches look so tiny and even. Will you please let us know what you think of the wool bat after the quilt is washed? I love wool but hesitate to use it as batting simply because of its shrinkage. Thanks so much.
    Nancy from joy for grace

  3. What a classic quilt...and classic quilting.

  4. You do beautiful quilting. I'm going to attempt to hand quilt this winter too. Thanks for the tip on needles. I wasn't sure what to use.

  5. Beautiful quilt and stitches! I am planning on making a Sunbonnet Sue Quilt using 30's reproduction fabrics. Thanks for sharing your work.

  6. Your tiny stitches are amazing. You are very talented and make lovely quilts.


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