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Thursday, December 13, 2012

No-Sew Fleece Scarf

I had meant to post this a couple of days ago but as things happened I forgot my power cord to my laptop at 30's Club Tuesday so I had to go back to Sager Creek Quilt Shop yesterday and pick up my cord. And I just can't go that far without making it worth my gas to not go ahead and go to the store and pick up whatever I might need for next week. With that said I did not get back until late in the afternoon and I hate to say it but I was tired and just could not get myself to write. 
Here is the No-Sew Fleece Scarf I promised. I had made some quick pictures and they are not the best (that should change here in the near future but that's for later) and I gave the scarfs to my daughter when I was there.
It is very easy and there is no reason that this can not be a gift that a child could make.
You will need around a 1 1/3 yds of fleece.
And the pattern you can download the pattern here 

 You can make them a solid or out of one fabric.

 Or you can use more than one color.

 Copy and print the pattern. 

 Place the top (smaller end) on the fold of your fabric. And cut out.

 You will need to cut the slit that I marked on the pattern. I just folded the fabric so I could cut both sides at once, that also guarantees that the slits lines up. 

 Now it is time to assemble your scarf. You need to open up the piece you are going to insert into the opening in the a joining piece.

Like so, then pull it through the slit of the folded piece until you reach the middle of the piece you are pulling through. Fold it back on it's self and smooth out

It will look like this. You will continue to add "links" to your scarf until you reach desired length or run out of pieces.

Like this

I did experiment and added a blanket stitch around the links, but it is not necessary. Only if you want to. Now a heads up, do not do what I did the first time and that was cut slits in all the links. You need to leave the last one without one. I corrected my error with a decal to the school my daughter when to.
That's it
Makes very nice gifts.


  1. What a clever idea it looks fabulous.

  2. How cute! I might make one for myself :) Or my kids!


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